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Artificial Turf Removal Solutions ­ Project Highlights | TRS

Project Highlights

Is it just me or is time really flying this turf season? I know, I know, it’s the same every year. Perhaps I’m more aware or just older? I certainly look the part so I guess there’s... Read More »
I try to make it a habit to learn something new everyday. Learn something about someone, about my work, about myself, or about life in general. May 14th was no exception. This particular day was the... Read More »
I know it is the 6th week of the high school football season in most of the country. It always surprises me when I look up and it is almost over! I like college and pro football but I LOVE the high... Read More »
Turf Reclamation Solutions (TRS) recently headed back down to the Bluegrass State where we were selected to perform a synthetic turf removal on the baseball field at University of Louisville Jim... Read More »
Keep your room clean! Pick up your shoes! This (thing) isn’t going to put itself away! I can hear it like it was yesterday. My mom likes organization. Scratch that. My mom LOVES organization.... Read More »
This job was tough. Luckily we knew what we were getting into before we got there.  Work in NYC is challenging in its own right - add on top of that a difficult field and some rigid... Read More »
The University of Louisville athletic program is hot! They are firing on all cylinders having just captured the coveted NCAA Basketball Championship (one of the few picks I got right in my bracket... Read More »
As you might have read back in our Rocky Mountain Removal Blog, TRS worked with All Around Recreation on a synthetic turf removal project for the Douglas County Parks System at Highlands Heritage... Read More »
Seasons are a changing in the synthetic turf industry. Up until now, the focus has been primarily on new synthetic turf fields. Contractors in northern climates were reluctant to build new fields in... Read More »
Two big time basketball programs collide this week – December 19th at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH for the Crosstown Classic. It’s a welcomed sight during a time of year where teams are mostly... Read More »


Artificial turf removal and recycling from Turf Reclamation Solutions (TRS):

TRS is a leading national provider of artificial turf removal and recycling solutions designed to fill a growing need in the artificial turf industry. Our services include: Artificial Turf Removal with the VIPER Turf Slicer, WINDER Turf Roller, RATTLESNAKE Infill Separator and WRANGLER Powered Base Unit. TRS is unique in its ability to offer a complete solution from removal to recycling.