Crosstown Takeout

TRS at UC and XU
By: Adam Coleman | December 18, 2012

Two big time basketball programs collide this week – December 19th at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH for the Crosstown Classic. It’s a welcomed sight during a time of year where teams are mostly warming up against junior college teams from a directional university. The undefeated #11 ranked University of Cincinnati Bearcats take on the feisty 7-2 Xavier University Musketeers at a neutral site for the first time in 25 years. Starting in 1928 and every year since 1945, these teams have slugged it out on the court both literally and figuratively. There is a lot at stake here as alumni from both universities call Cincinnati their home. If you’re unfortunate to live next door to an alumnus from the other school, a loss by your alma mater exposes you to 52 weeks of heckling and jeers. Cincinnati leads the series 48-31 but Xavier has won 11 of the last 15 years. It’s a heated rivalry in which rankings have no meaning. Both teams are also caught up in the conference realignment news du jour. UC is part of the fast-sinking Big East while Xavier seems to be on the A-list for an invite from the seven Catholic Universities who recently untethered their basketball fraternity from the Big East ship. It’s but another chapter in the conference musical chairs and the dust is far from settled.

So what does Turf Reclamation Solutions and basketball have to do with removing synthetic turf fields? Not much other than TRS had its own version of the crosstown rivalry this summer removing the artificial turf soccer fields at both Xavier University and University of Cincinnati. Much closer than the 15 miles that separated Duke and UNC. UC and XU basketball arenas are separated by only 3.2 urban miles…their college neighborhoods only blocks apart…these two universities practically co-exist in the same zip code and have learned to tolerate but not be outdone by one another.

In what would seem like a clear example of the NCAA athletic arms race, UC replaced their soccer field five weeks after XU upgraded theirs. TRS was fortunate enough to be called up by Vasco Contractors for both projects. Who won? Well for those keeping track at home, we finished removing the UC field in seven hours whereas XU took about ten. Lets hope UC is on the winning side December 19th.

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