Making Our Moms Proud

TRS Removes Field at James Madison University
By: Adam Coleman | May 30, 2013

Keep your room clean! Pick up your shoes! This (thing) isn’t going to put itself away! I can hear it like it was yesterday. My mom likes organization. Scratch that. My mom LOVES organization. And I have grown to love organization as well. I am an engineer by schooling so by default I like order and straight lines. Thanks mom!

So when you’re dealing with over a million pounds of material, dirty, dusty material on a synthetic turf removal project, it sure helps to be organized. So being that is part of my DNA, I really dig our turf removal process. It’s orderly and systematic and it’s easy to understand. Most stadium owners aren’t sure what to expect when they sign up for a field removal and find themselves pleasantly surprised by our removal process. “We couldn’t have been more pleased with TRS on this part of the project,” JMU Assistant AD for Facilities and Events Ty Phillips said. “They did a quality job and created the opportunity for all the sand and rubber to be re-used in the project. The biggest compliment I can give them is the only way you can tell they were in the stadium is that the field surface is gone.” Many stadiums have offices around the perimeter that look down upon the field. And even when you can’t see them, they can see us and are watching our work. So we are always on our best behavior (making our moms proud).

Here are a couple of photos from our synthetic turf removal work at James Madison University that illustrate that process and results: a clean field and 251 supersacks of reclaimed infill in perfectly straight lines just how mom likes them.





Artificial turf removal and recycling from Turf Reclamation Solutions (TRS):

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