Rain or Shine…It's Removal Time!

Winter Weather May Become Less of a Deterrent
By: Adam Coleman | January 2, 2013

Seasons are a changing in the synthetic turf industry. Up until now, the focus has been primarily on new synthetic turf fields. Contractors in northern climates were reluctant to build new fields in the winter months… and for good reason! Contractors are at the mercy of Mother Nature and whatever stormy brew she might stir up over the winter. Once a natural grass field is stripped of turf, even the slightest rain or snow can cause a long delay as the soil takes exceptionally long to dry in the winter.

Now that synthetic turf replacements are becoming more common, winter weather may become less of a deterrent for construction. With the advantage of a firm gravel base, a drainage system, the latest adhesives and TRS removal equipment, contractors can now go full steam ahead through the winter months perhaps doubling the construction season. Synthetic turf contractors have long battled a very short construction window for the majority of their work – hemmed in by track season, which wraps up in May and the start of football in August. Now synthetic turf replacement projects can potentially double the construction season – opening up December to March while utilizing the same number of crews.

I can imagine what you’re thinking… this sounds great but isn’t the weather still a concern? For example, consider the saturated infill. A typical 85,000sf football field weighs 500,000 – 800,000lbs when it’s dry. It’s undoubtedly wet in the winter so add in another 15% water weight and now a contractor is paying to throw away another 115,000lbs of water... or do they?

At a recent project at Trinity High School in Louisville, Kentucky this December, the TRS team removed a saturated field in the driving rain with only a negligible difference in the amount of infill extracted. The turf contractor was reclaiming the infill for the new field. After cutting the field with the Viper, TRS used the Rattlesnake to extract the infill. We estimated that over 90% of the infill was extracted on one pass – not the 95% + we would typically see but still notably efficient.

We haven’t attempted a removal in the snow yet, but we’d sure like to try! As I write this Mother Nature is bearing down on us with her latest brew of a rain-sleet-snow storm mix. The weather experts are dubbing it “Winter Storm Euclid” which sounds so much more passive than my ice covered car would imply.

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