TRS Inside Edition

An inside look at removing turf inside
By: Bill Schomburg | October 29, 2013

I know it is the 6th week of the high school football season in most of the country. It always surprises me when I look up and it is almost over! I like college and pro football but I LOVE the high school games. Not the ones you can now watch on TV, the ones in your home town where you sit in the stands with friends and friendly competitors, drink hot chocolate, yell at the refs who need glasses (respectfully of course), cheer on the home team and generally enjoy one of the best traditions in America. 

I have come to realize that I long for the “good ole days”. Having started this story with the football season and referencing hunting as one of my favorite past-times in an earlier blog, it dawned on me that the indoor soccer season is fast approaching. Both of my stepsons played soccer in high school as well as college and their indoor games were some of the most fun while they were growing up.

Carroll Senior High School RemovalAll of this brings me to an indoor synthetic turf removal project that we worked on earlier this year. A forward-thinking high school, Carroll Senior High School, knew that the complete rehabilitation of its’ indoor facilities would require a replacement of the current synthetic turf surface. The issue was a complicated one with several challenges. The existing surface was a tall pile grass with heavy sand/rubber infill (which was to be reclaimed for the new surface), the access was limited by 8’ tall x 8’ wide door, and the other contractors in the building offered a very short time frame for the work to be completed.

We were very interested in this project, as we had not yet performed an indoor synthetic turf removal before. We were confident the equipment would perform well but as with most things, despite planning you never really know until you’re in the middle of it.

Carroll Senior High School RemovalAs it turned out, there were no surprises, which I personally liked. We did learn a few things from the work. The Wrangler and Rattlesnake are diesel powered so we planned for the idea that we might need enhanced ventilation or fans for the exhaust. We were pleasantly surprised by the reality that the equipment did not create any excess smoke or fumes in the facility. We worked with a couple of man doors open and the facilities exhaust fans working with no discernible air quality change or deterioration. No additional fans were needed. The auger and bagging operation did an excellent job of containing the dust and the manageable size of the equipment allowed us to get into tight spaces.

It is always fun to complete a project ahead of schedule – especially one with a twist – and to the extreme satisfaction of the customer. The owner’s representative was really excited when we finished the work in two days instead of three and reclaimed 95%+ of the infill. I won’t promise that I haven’t neglected something else in sharing the saga of the summer of 2013 TRS travels but I think I have hit the highlights. The fall and winter season for removals is shaping up as a busy one so stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.

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