TRS President Sheds Light on the Ongoing Revolution of the Synthetic Turf Recycling Industry

By: Sarah Shewmaker | April 20, 2015

The synthetic turf industry, and more specifically the recycling and repurposing sector, is ever evolving. One of the over-arching drivers in this evolution is that selection of eco-friendly solutions to business processes is now more than just encouraged, it’s expected. Our industry is no exception and demand is on the rise for sustainable turf reclamation solutions.

By 2016, in the USA we expect to see on an annual basis more than 1,000 fields reach the end of their intended useful life. With an average field measuring in at 80,000 square feet and 1,000 fields coming out annually, we are left with 80 million square feet of synthetic turf to responsibly manage every year going forward. This is by no means a small feat.

So, the question becomes, How does a relatively new industry that is focused on developing a range of eco-friendly reclamation solutions, keep up with such a rapidly increasing demand? Turf Recycling: The Ongoing Evolution of an Industry, written by Mary Helen Sprecher, places a spotlight on this growing need and our industry’s goal to get ahead of the game. Hear TRS’s President, Mark Heinlein address some of these concerns and provide perceptive insights on what’s to come!

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