TRS Slices Up the Field at Papa John’s Stadium

TRS Visits University of Louisville, Kentucky to Reclaim the Cardinals' Field at Papa John's Stadium
By: Adam Coleman | April 23, 2013

The University of Louisville athletic program is hot! They are firing on all cylinders having just captured the coveted NCAA Basketball Championship (one of the few picks I got right in my bracket). That championship was preceded by the women's basketball team's appearance in their respective championship game. And that was preceded by the Cardinals upset of Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Add on the fact that they accepted an invite to the ACC and kept the SEC from poaching their coach, Charlie Strong. This program has some serious momentum! No better time for a new football field to greet their fans this fall.

TRS at Papa John's StadiumPapa John’s Stadium may not be the biggest but it’s got its own vibe going on. I got to be part of it firsthand on a rainy Friday night last October to watch the Cardinals narrowly beat the Bearcats in overtime. Its a great venue - 55,000 seats - all with a seatback which is much more glaringly obvious when the place is empty.

As we established in an earlier blog, not all synthetic turf removals are the same. Because of their settTRS at Papa John's Stadiuming some are just neater, cooler or more interesting than others. This one fell into the cooler category. The TRS crew assisted FieldTurf last week by getting the field out of the way so the new field could be installed. Well, we didn't just get it out of the way, we reclaimed it. All 1,000,000+ lbs of it. Well almost all of it. Call it 97%. By Wednesday afternoon we extracted all the synthetic turf infill into 318 supersacks - 875,000lbs! Which was placed outside the stadium in supersacks awaiting the new turf. This was the first project that we were able to try out one of our latest Rattlesnake advancements - a magnet grid at the outflow of the auger. All of the infill comes into contact with this magnet - which netted us a 16oz cup of metal. This was after the field manager combed the field with his own magnet prior to our start. The new magnet worked great. Just for good measure, we'll recycle that metal too.

So what about the turf? We also recyTRS at Papa John's Stadiumcled that. The turf was sent on two flatbeds to our recycling partner in Georgia where it will be chopped, melted and made into pellets that will be used as feedstock for new, molded plastic products. How cool is that?!

And just because it seemed right, we wrapped up on Wednesday afternoon and ordered 4 large pizzas – Papa John's, of course.


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