Turf Reclamation Solutions Announces New Partnership

Broce to Manufacture Equipment and Deliver Reclamation Services
By: Sarah Shewmaker | January 19, 2016

Turf Reclamation Solutions, LLC, (TRS), the industry leader in the reclamation of end-of-life synthetic turf fields, has announced a new alliance with Broce Broom. The equipment manufacturing and contract reclamation services partnership will increase the availability of TRS's innovative, purpose-built equipment and expand their geographic capability to provide contractors with field removal services.

As synthetic fields increase in popularity, the need for reclamation solutions becomes imperative in the industry. "Introduction of the TRS equipment in 2012 was a milestone advancement in our industry," says Mark Heinlein, president of TRS. "We expect there to be 80 million square feet of turf taken up this year," Heinlein noted. "Without solutions for lifting these fields, separating the components and moving them along to other markets, that material would be in landfills. That's unacceptable by any standards".

"In Broce, we have found the partner who can scale equipment manufacturing to meet this exploding demand, as well as provide necessary customer service. We are thrilled to have teamed up with them and are excited about what it will bring to the synthetic turf industry."

Broce is a Kansas-based specialty manufacturing company with more than five decades of success in the development of self-propelled sweepers. Dave Krason, sales manager at Broce, has noted that working with TRS will allow the company to continue its track record of success while diversifying its offerings into the synthetic turf market. "We're each playing to our strengths," says Krason, "and turf reclamation is an industry that is only going to keep growing."

Under the new arrangement, Broce will manufacture the TRS equipment in its Dodge City, Kansas facility and will take the lead on North American sales, parts, service, and delivery of field removal contracts. TRS will continue in its role as a sales and marketing consultant, while driving industry advancement through thought leadership. The Broce website is www.brocebroom.com and its toll-free number is 877-227-8811.

Artificial turf removal and recycling from Turf Reclamation Solutions (TRS):

TRS is a leading national provider of artificial turf removal and recycling solutions designed to fill a growing need in the artificial turf industry. Our services include: Artificial Turf Removal with the VIPER Turf Slicer, WINDER Turf Roller, RATTLESNAKE Infill Separator and WRANGLER Powered Base Unit. TRS is unique in its ability to offer a complete solution from removal to recycling.