Turf Removal Company Increases Industry Standards with Complete Recycling Capabilities

Turf Reclamation Solutions provides both removal and recycling
By: Sarah Shewmaker | July 23, 2013

Turf Reclamation Solutions (TRS) today announces they now offer a recycling capability that completes their synthetic turf reclamation process. Until now, the company has specialized solely in synthetic turf removal processes and technologies. This new recycling capability offers sports field managers and installers a turnkey process for removal and recycling of their synthetic fields.

“The industry has struggled for years to answer the question of how to best reclaim synthetic turf. As innovators in the synthetic turf reclamation industry, we now offer the complete solution by providing both removal and recycling services in one standardized process. We are accomplishing our goal of separating and recycling the turf system components, and making history while we do it. Our new recycling capabilities mark an exciting time for our business as well as for our clients,” said President of TRS, Mark Heinlein.

Prior to the establishment of TRS, the typical result of removing synthetic turf was to dispose of it in landfills. In fact, discarding a synthetic turf field accounts for over 500,000 pounds of waste per field. TRS’s solution to this problem includes cutting-edge machinery that provides an efficient, organized removal process, which results in clean turf packaged to fit the recycling requirements. The turf is then processed and re-compounded into pellets, which are shipped to the injection molding industries to be made into plastic goods.

“Our unique machinery was designed to meet the requirements of downstream recycling facilities. Our recycling process itself saves valuable resources that would otherwise have been used to make new plastic goods. With our new capability to control the recycling process as well as the removal process, we’re providing the industry a sustainable solution in the most efficient way possible,” said Heinlein.

Artificial turf removal and recycling from Turf Reclamation Solutions (TRS):

TRS is a leading national provider of artificial turf removal and recycling solutions designed to fill a growing need in the artificial turf industry. Our services include: Artificial Turf Removal with the VIPER Turf Slicer, WINDER Turf Roller, RATTLESNAKE Infill Separator and WRANGLER Powered Base Unit. TRS is unique in its ability to offer a complete solution from removal to recycling.