What I Learned at Harvard

Bill Schomburg shares lessons that can only be acquired at Harvard University
By: Bill Schomburg | June 16, 2014

I try to make it a habit to learn something new everyday. Learn something about someone, about my work, about myself, or about life in general. May 14th was no exception. This particular day was the beginning of the whirlwind tour of projects in the Northeast. If you’ve had one of these tours you will understand…if not, sit back, and learn grasshopper.

If you’re a student of the obvious or a detective in real-life, you know by the title that I spent some time at Harvard. The University. In the city of Boston, Massachusetts. No, I wasn’t speaking to a business class like a friend of mine recently, although I’m open to the possibility. TRS had an opportunity to work with a new contractor / partner RAD Sports and their representative, Dick Letourneau. But I’m a little ahead of myself.

If you’ve never been there, it’s worth the visit. And I only saw a small part of the campus. The historic stadium, Soldier Field, is a lesson in architecture. Designed by an alumnus of the class of 1887, built in 1903, for a cost of $310,000.00. Check it out on Wikipedia for the rest of the lowdown.

Okay, onto the jobsite. We worked with RAD to remove and repurpose the 100,000 sq. ft. soccer field, just around the corner from the stadium. Despite inclement weather, equipment issues (more about those in a minute), and a summer cold for the ages, the field was delivered to the contractor on time. Yes, you read it right…nothing more miserable in my mind than a summer cold. I know, technically it was spring but I wasn’t splitting hairs, I was plain, ole sick. But the work must go on, and so I did.

Luckily, I was working with another new partner on the site, Allen Waterman of APW Enterprises. APW is one of the latest groups to purchase equipment from TRS. Allen is a true professional, donning his rain gear and continuing to work without hesitation.

I mentioned equipment issues briefly above. As TRS has evolved from equipment prototypes to commercial manufacturing, incremental improvements are an essential part of the process. And our unique ability to build – operate – refine fast tracks the development process by quickly adopting newfound knowledge to the design. I had the pleasure of working out some of the bugs with the refinements. You’re welcome! So, in the event you purchase one of the pieces, I saved you the downtime and enjoyment of trouble-shooting the issue in the rain. Like I said “you’re welcome!” Glad to be of service.

I mentioned this was the beginning of a tour of the Northeast. Two things learned at Harvard: 1) Changing lanes – “use yah blinkah” 2) “We don’t eat at Harvard, we dine.” Stay tuned for more lessons brought to you by yours truly…

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